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ClickPic ;1,12 MB.;Windows All;September.17th,2008;shareware

Bu program ile çok rahat bir şekilde bir resmin boyutunu, türünü ve çözünürlüğünü 1 dakikadan kısa bir sürede değiştirebiliyorsunuz.Program kurulum sonrası kendini sağ klik e atıyor.

Developer page-Smaller Animals Software

Supported Image Formats
ClickPic can read and write the following formats:
ClickPic can convert to the following formats:

ClickPic is a must have imaging utility for web imaging enthusiasts and professionals. It offers lightening fast thumbnail viewing, resizing, converting and rotating of most common image formats. This is achieved through a windows shell menu interface. After installing ClickPic, simply right click on the image in windows exploring and select the ClickPic menu item. ClickPic creates a new image with the changes in the same directory.
One click configurable thumbnail preview. Place in Explorer menu, ClickPic menu, or a submenu.
Resize images with high quality or fast resampling algorithms. Perfect for thumbnails
Ultra fast and convenient conversions
Lossless JPEG rotation
Lossless EXIF image orientation correction (for digicams)
Process single or multiple images
Optionally retains Digital Camera Metedata (EXIF and IPTC)
Launch the default image viewer by clicking on the image

The preferences menu is used to modify settings for each image that is processed with ClickPic. Most of these settings are discussed in the related sections, however the few that are not are discussed here.
JPG compression level is used to specify the amount of compression when saving a JPG image. JPG images are lossy, and therefore lose image data each time they are saved; that is why the compression levels are so good. Choose a higher quality for less noticeable compression effects at the expense of file size. Choose lower quality for smaller file sizes, though with more noticeble compression effects. This doesn't apply to lossless JPG rotations.

Selecting Preserve Image Metadata will preserve all tags and comments that are stored in some image formats. This is most useful for preserving digital camera EXIF information.
Image Preview Location allows the preview thumbnail to be shown in the main explorer menu, the clickpic menu, a submenu, or not shown at all. Turn this setting off for a faster right click menu as it takes a small amount of time to generate these preview images.
Image Preview Size allows the thumbnail preview image to size to be between 20 and 400 pixels in width and height.
For the other settings, see the relavent topics in this help file.

Rotate either 90, 180 or 270 degrees (clockwise) or flip with the rotate menu item. If Perform lossless JPG rotation, whenever possible is selected in the preferences menu, all JPG images that can be will be rotated with no recompression. This yields JPEG images that are modified without any loss in quality. Not all JPG images can be rotated losslessly. The rules used to determine if a JPG can be rotated losslessly or not are technical, and depend both on the image dimensions and on various options used by the software that created the original JPG (options that users generally don't have access to).

Clickpic's Convert menu allows simple one click conversion to the 5 most popular formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF). The colordepth is either maintained or lowered to the appropriate color depth. For example, converting from a 24-bit PNG to GIF will force the image to be colormapped, thereby reducing the number of colors to 256.
The output image will be written with the standard image extension (ie: image.bmp). If another image exists with the same filename, the characters "_(1)" will be appended to the filename (ie: image_(1).bmp).
The compatible colordepths for each image type are as follows: BMP 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit
JPG 8-bit grayscale, 24-bit
GIF 1-bit through 8-bit
TIFF 1-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit w/ alpha
PNG 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit


Right Click Image Converter 2.2.4(kendini sağ klike atar)

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güzel program :)