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Earn dollars Employment on the Internet from more areas where demand in the world, given the economic crisis, which made it harder to get a new job, let alone keep the job from the ground up. In this article we’ll help you understand the principles of self-employment, or the so-called PAL (freelancing) over the Internet, and how you can participate in various employment sites that allow work this way We will facilitate the tale story of a girl named Mary, the Egyptian girl who spends most of her time at home on the Internet and know a lot about MS Office applications through their participation in some university activities, as easily and efficiently dealing with e-mail and search engines. On the other side of the world, American businessman Martin lives and who owns a large company to sell the product, and because of their high concern but needs to be regulated by a customer requests which it had received via e-mail and put it in a file (Excel). He can not hire anyone from the United States; because this little project about a limited budget ($ 20) 49631http://http://www.dollarsincome.com