Easy Digital Photo Recovery [23.04.2013]

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Easy Digital Photo Recovery silinmiş fotoğrafların kurtarılmasına yarayan bir programdır

Fotoğrafları eski orijinal haline getirebilir. Bu program tüm kamera ve JPG, BMP, RAW, OCR vb. grafik formatlar ile uyumludur. All storage media types can be recovered: flash cards, SD cards, hard drives etc.

The core algorithms allow recovering the maximum number of photos and the recovery process is quick and painless, requiring almost no effort from a user. There's a preview that shows the recoverable photos in advance. This program successfully combines sheer simplicity and great power and does its job of recovering deleted photos flawlessly.

Purchase a personal license (including updates and technical support) at 70% discount

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Download:  Easy Digital Photo Recovery