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Time limited offer: order now and get 2 privacy tools for free !

CyberGhost Premium (12 months)
CyberGhost VPN helps you surf the Internet anonymously by hiding your IP address; a unique number that can identify you anywhere on the Internet. With CyberGhost you can view videos or access sites that are otherwise not available in your country, while at the same time keeping your real identity hidden. CyberGhost also protects you when using public Wifi by ensuring that no one can identify you or spy on you.

Sticky Password 6.0
Over 1 million people have selected Sticky Password as their password manager of choice since 2001. Sticky Password's technology makes your online life easier without compromising your security.

Valid for 1 year licenses purchased until August 31, 2013. Optional multi-license upgrades and package discounts for Emsisoft Anti-Malware available.

Surf Protection: If you unintentionally try to access a website that spreads trojans or spyware, Emsisoft Anti-Malware will prevent you from doing so. The built-in list of known dangerous and fraudulent websites is automatically updated every hour.

File Guard: This crucial layer of protection checks all files that are downloaded or run against more than 10 million signatures of known malicious software. The Emsisoft Anti-Malware File Guard is intelligent and self-optimizes continually, so you won't feel the impact of dozens of files being scanned in the background every second.

Behavior Blocker: To catch zero-day threats that aren't yet included in the signature database, Emsisoft Anti-Malware continually monitors the behavior of all active programs and raises an alert as soon as something suspicious occurs. Combined with the live cloud-verification of the Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network it is our ultimate weapon against specialized and sophisticated malware attacks that others can't protect you from. Read how it works.

100% Wildlist
Detection &
0 false alerts

     100% blocked in AV-Comparatives
      Real-World Protection Test
     (March 2013)

Two scanners to clean infections
Why two? Although our own scanner already detects almost all online dangers, we decided to partner with a second major antivirus company to combine our technologies for superior detection. Check out the latest comparatives. Our multiple test victories confirm that using two scan engines is much safer than using just one.

Isn't that a waste of resources? Definitely not! We've combined the scanners at the lowest level to ensure optimum performance. Our dual-scanner is actually much faster and lighter than most single-engine products. We also avoid loading any signatures (fingerprints) of engine A that are not needed because Engine B already detects them.

We're proud of these test results!
Most antivirus comparatives simply scan a very large number of malware files and count how many remain after allowing the program to cleanup the infections. While such testing gives a solid overview of static detection capabilities, it doesn't really reveal much about a product's real-time protection capabilities in real world scenarios. MRG-Effitas and AV-Comparatives are two independent antivirus testing organizations who put much time and effort into executing the most dangerous real-world malware samples to determine which products can effectively protect against them.

Check out these amazing results:
Emsisoft Anti-Malware achieves highest honor in AV-Comparatives "Real-World" Protection Test (March 2013)!

Also see our Anti-Malware-Reviews Blog where we collect all tests that our products have participated in.

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