Galaxy S10 slow loading on Wifi, but not on Data

11-07-2021, 01:51   |  #1  
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Anyone experiencing wifi problems with the s10's?

when im connected to wifi it just shows me the loading screen forever on any app – it's like the app knows there's an internet connection, but just doesn't load the content (spinning wheel)

The moment I switch to data, everything loads.

It's definitely not a problem with my network – it works flawlessly on all my other devices. Thoughts?

My mom has an S10 and is also experiencing the same problem!

13-07-2021, 12:43   |  #2  
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Did you try to disconnect from the wifi connection? Tap on the wifi icon, disconnect your S10 from your wifi network, then reconnect after a few seconds.

Or it should have something to do with S10 itself. How long has it been giving you the trouble? Has is been like this from the beginning? If not, the chip of the device may have some issues. Some phones have common issues like this, maybe it's one of them.