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? Hello guys. How are you doing? I hope all of you are fine.

? I would like to introduce you a new (started at 9th July 2014), 100% free (not even donation not to mention there is no premium market etc.)

? Fan made Pokémon MMO RPG Game Pokemon Pets: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com

? You can register from here to try out the game: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Register

? The game has all 721 Pokemon and almost all mega form at the moment with including shinies and other forms total number of Pokemon is 1560

? Each week there are events and new Pokémon being added to the game

? Game has 520 game maps and they are pretty good actually

? Here 2 example of maps:

? ?

? As different from other Pokémon Online games, PokemonPets uses bigger artwork images of Pokémon and it is planned to improve overal art quality greatly

? Also PokemonPets by far the uses best Pokemon artworks among the online Pokemon games

? Here 2 example of Pokémon artworks:

? ?

? Pokemon Pets have so many awesome filtering system at many pages that makes players life easier

? For such check out following pages:

? Pokédex: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/
? Game Maps : ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Game-Maps

? Some useful pages of the game as following to check out:

? PokemonPets contact/about page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Contact

? PokemonPets privacy/TOS page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/PrivacyPolicy.aspx

? Game unique stat calculator: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Stat-Calculator

? Pokémon listing page to see Pokémon quickly: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Monster

? Pokémon Natures page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Natures

? Game unique Pokémon Abilities page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Abilities

? Pokémon types chart page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Type-Chart

? Game unique Pokémon Moves/Attacks page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Pokemon-Moves

? Game how to play page (need to be updated): ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/How-To-Play

? Game videos page (need to be updated): ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Videos

? Pokemon Pets wallpapers page (all wallpapers are HD): ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Wallpapers

? PokemonPets banners page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Banners

? Pokemon Pets profile game avatars page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Avatars

? PokemonPets game zones page (game maps are classified as elemental zones): ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Maps

? Game has dedicated forum: ? http://forum.pokemonpets.com

? Pokemon Pets credits page (you can also get your place here with helping): ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Credits

? PokemonPets official Google+ page (make sure that you added circle to be aware of news & updates): ? https://plus.google.com/+Pokemonpets

? PokemonPets official Facebook page (make sure that you liked and following to be aware of news & updates): ? https://www.facebook.com/PokemonPetsRPG

? PokemonPets official Twitter page (make sure that you are following to be aware of news & updates): ? https://twitter.com/PokemonPets

? PokemonPets official Youtube page (make sure that you subscribed to be aware of news & updates): ? http://www.youtube.com/PokemonPets

? Too much talking now let the HQ gameplay-screenshots talk
? Gameplay HQ screenshots page: ? http://www.pokemonpets.com/Screenshots

? Pokémon and respective character names/images are trademarks and copyrights of their respective owners.
? PokemonPets is not affiliated with Nintendo, The Pokémon Company Creatures Inc. or Game Freak.