Nokia Lumia 720 camera focus issue

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Hello everyone,,

Greetings! This is my first post ever, so here it goes. I've been using Windows Phones for almost 2 years now, my first was a Lumia 710. In the last 4 months, I've been using a Lumia 720, it worked perfectly, but since the last week, the focus on the phone is horrible (Both default camera app & Lumia Camera) The camera has no problem focusing on close-up objects, but as far as 50 cm (about 20 inch) it goes blurry as hell.I've tried all the scenes, I did multiple hard resets, soft resets, with flash, without flash, I cleaned the Lens, I restored camera to default settings multiple times. From what I hear, it is not a hardware issue (it can't be, I just took the phone out from the service last week). It is an issue only on the main camera, the front-facing one works perfeclty. I'm on Lumia Denim, on the 3058 build. So, does anyone here know any fix to this or how to fix this? It drives me crazy.

TL;DR: Lumia 720 camera not focusing, any fixes??

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