Opera 10.51 çıktı!

Ahmet Ertuğrul
22-03-2010, 15:16   |  #1  
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Opera 10.51 for Windows changelog
Release notes

Release date: March 22, 2010

Opera 10.51 is a recommended security and stability upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to Opera 10.51 to take advantage of these improvements.
Changes since Opera 10.50 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop)
User Interface
Drag and Drop not working in some instances
Deleting a bookmark closing/collapsing all folders
Focus being lost when deleting bookmarks
Integrated search performing searches in Google and not in the page
The Opera O menu button reappearing when the Menu bar is enabled
The Opera icon remaining in the system tray after closing Opera
Minimized tabs not displaying after a restart
Favicon not being added to Bookmarks due to a question mark in the filename
Individual characters in Chinese text being rotated anti-clockwise
Mail, News, Chat
A problem occurring when right-clicking entries under "All messages" and selecting Compose
Chat notification appearing if a chat tab is active
Ghost e-mails appearing in the Trash folder after emptying it and restarting Opera
Message not loading when it is deselected and selected again
Mail being blank when using fit to width
Attached files not being sent if mail is sent immediately after attaching them
Opera Mail welcome e-mail message not being localized
The text part of HTML e-mails missing the reply character " > " for block quotes
Display and scripting
Numerous improvements to the Carakan JavaScript engine
Icons missing from menus in 16-bit color mode
Slow scrolling performance
Incorrect font used for a UTF-8 encoded page without the language (CJK) being specified
Fixed an issue where the HTTP Content-Length header could be used to execute arbitrary code; see our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/948/).
Fixed an issue where XSLT could be used to retrieve random contents of unrelated documents, as discovered by crazypops; see our advisory (http://www.opera.com/support/search/view/949/).
Cookies received over NPAPI being incorrectly parsed
Reinstated blocking of third party cookies by default
Opera sometimes storing a cookie for the domain it came from, rather than the set domain

Opera'yı güncellemek çok kolay, benim bilgisayarımda topu topu 2 dk sürdü. Belki daha kısa. Üstelik ayarlarınız ve tercihleriniz de korunacak.

Ben alttaki işareti kaldırıyorum. Güncellemeyi istediğim zaman yapmayı tercih ediyorum çünkü. 


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Mustafa Can
22-03-2010, 19:15   |  #2  
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bendeki de 10.50 imiş ama neden otomatik güncelleme yapmıyor

Ahmet Ertuğrul
22-03-2010, 23:55   |  #3  
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10.10 sürümünde güncellemeleri otomatik yapmak için bir ayar vardı. Sanırım 10.50'de bu özellik varsayılan olarak gelmedi.

23-03-2010, 22:06   |  #4  
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Benimki otomatik güncelledi ;)

Ahmet Ertuğrul
24-03-2010, 00:15   |  #5  
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Evet, benim netbookta da otomatik güncelledi. Masaüstü bilgisayara eski sürümün üzerine kurmuştum sanırım. Onda otomatik güncellemeyi kapatmıştım. O yüzden öyle sanmışım.