volkan 4 ile ölüdeniz tekne turu

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OP Taze Üye
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1. Stop – Blue Cave   The Cave is 20 metres long with two small beaches at the end. İdeal for swimming.
2. Stop – Butterfly Valley   This lovely valley is well known for its waterfall.  Please bring trainers or shoes if you see butterflies which the valley  is named after.
3. Stop – Karacaoren (Aquarium Bay)   Named after the many different types of fish in the area. An ideal stop for snorkelling.
4. Stop – ST. Nicholas Island   On the island dating back 2000 years. There is a churh,  mosaics and graves. ST. Nicholas is believed to have stayed ın the  island. We recommend good walking trainers and hat.
5. Stop – Camel Beach   Our third stop is said to resemble a camel’s hump. We stop here for lunh. It has a sandy beach.
6. Stop – Cold Water Springs   Here you can bathe in the natural springs as they mix with the sea water. It is very refreshing.