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How do you think is it important what is the Before the Internet age began 20 years ago, stock trading had been solely a playground for Wall Street. Floor trading and phone trading via communicating with a broker were the only ways for buying and selling stocks. After online brokers and service platforms became widespread, it let a broader range of individuals to reach and have services of a stock broker. And now, anyone is able to conduct their own buy and sell orders very easily through computerized trading services. Before getting started to trade stocks online, one should understand that it is not as simple as buying a few shares here and there. For beginners, first step is to choose an online trading service that meets their needs. This is the most important phase that should be decided carefully since it plays a crucial role in an investor’s success or failure. While looking for an online broker and a trading platform, some key features should be considered: reasonable fee rates for each service provided, low transaction costs, availability of monitoring and research tools and mobile access and investments and powerful reporting and charting choices. If you need a full-service, that means you should expect some extra costs to emerge. But if you are willing to call the shots at your own risk, working with a deep discount broker will let you make much savings in commissions. The next and the final step is to choose a strategy depending on if you choose to play safe or play the odds as much as the amount of money you are planning to invest. For beginners it is advised to pursue a basic investment strategy which consists of simply buying and selling securities through stock exchange. However for those who are willing to enter into a broader range of transactions and have various investment options, entering the derivatives market is another option. The procedure can be summarized as follows: 1.        Select your broker 2.        Open a dematerialized account with a depository 3.        Place the order to the broker 4.        Broker executes the order 5.        Broker prepares a contract note for the order executed 6. Settlement or actual transfer of securities alger, Algeria?[url="http://https://purchasesharesonline.com/_/trade_stocks_online/r26231_Help-trade-stocks-online/alger, Algeria.html"]http://https://purchasesharesonline.com/_/trade_stocks_online/r26231_Help-trade-stocks-online/alger, Algeria.html[/url]