BMW M5 kamera arabasına dönüştürüldü!

Eski bir BMW M5'i 130MPH (saatte 210 km) hızda çekim yapabilen bir kamera arabasına dönüştürüldü. Valkyr Productions, aracın görüntülerini YouTube üzerinden paylaştı.

BMW M5 kamera arabasına nasıl dönüştü?

Valkyr Productions, çekimlerde yüksek hızlarda görüntü yakalayabilmek için eski bir BMW M5'i çekim aracına dönüştürdü.

Saatte 210 km hızda çekim yapabilen BMW M5, pürüzsüz görüntüler yakalayabiliyor.  'Bavarian Ranch Hand' adı verilen otomobilin dönüşüm hikayesi YouTube'da paylaşıldı.

BMW M5, ARRI Alexa Mini'yi çalıştırmak için kullanılan Flowcine Black Arm ve bir DJI Ronin 2 ile donatıldı. 

Valkyr Films yönetmeni Jeremy Heslup , "Bu kovalamaca araba projesi planlı bir şey değildi, hatta kağıt üzerinde tasarlandı. Sadece deneme yanılma ile sonuçlandı. Bir kiralama aracı olarak değil, kamera aracı platformunda standart olarak bulunanların ötesinde hızlara ulaşmak için tasarlandı." dedi.

İşte Çekim Aracına Dönüşen BMW M5'in Videosu

e39M5 Chase Car BTS | "the bavarian ranchhand"e39M5 Chase Car BTS | "the bavarian ranchhand"
The "Ranch Hand" is a purpose-built 2002 BMW e39M5, modified with speed rail, a 3-axis dampening Flowcine Black Arm and Ronin 2 and Alexa Mini setup that can effectively capture car-to-car footage at speeds over 130MPH. All filming conducted by Professional Driver's on Closed Course. Do Not Attempt. The (Behind-the-Scenes) Story: For the last decade or so I’ve been tinkering with shock and suction mounts, triangulation kits, gimbals- all strapped to whatever car was around.This eventually led to the Black Arm and after getting it all setup on a Toyota FJ Cruiser, its trial by fire was at Willow Springs. Although everything worked, we quickly realized an SUV was a substantially dangerous chase car on a track and that something faster was required. Options for this are infinite. As long as the vehicle can have tow-hooks and a roof rack, a very stable setup can be created. From the beginning I knew that it had to be a naturally aspirated, 6spd, e39 M5. Alex of Glen Shelly in Colorado had the answer to my problem with a whopping 205K miles on the clock. Knowing it would need to be repaired anyway, this was perfect. Freshly fetched from the snow, we immediately retrofitted it with speed rail and dispatched it to our next shoot - a Mclaren 720S at Tejon Ranch. Flying along the road we pirouetted in and out of the trees we even able hit 120mph in very close proximity. The stability and speed paired image quality of the Alexa Mini were fantastic. Most of the summer, I spent time chasing mechanical problems while I also added the front mount -, painted the speed rail and wheels black, installed monitor mounts and kept pushing it to see what she could do. By the fall, a very exciting job had come to light - a brand launch for a 3D Printed hyper car: the Czinger 21C It was a 1 of 1 NDA prototype with 1250hp and a theoretical top speed of 268mph. From Alameda Naval Station to Willow Springs to Laguna Seca and Bixby Bridge, we pushed the ranchhand to new limits, attempting to capture the 21C with as much precision and speed s possible. Although we used a Russian Arm for our Hollywood shoot, the BMW was perfect to keep up through the corners and flat out at over 130mph down the runway. This chase car project wasn’t a master plan, or even designed on paper - It was just the culmination of trial and error and getting carried away with it all. It was built not as a rental, but as a statement and a way to achieve speeds beyond traditionally found in the Russian arm/Crane Car platform. It's a tool in the toolbox and a way for us to offer something as a company that other's might not. Thanks to everyone who helped develop and operate it! Narrated by Jeremy Heslup *Due to insurance and permit restrictions, the "Ranchhand" and relevant equipment is only available for film productions produced through VALKYR. Featuring: Corvette ZR1 @ Willow Springs 488GTB & Aventador S @ Streets of Willow Mclaren 720S @ Tejon Ranch 912's @ Lucerne Valley Czinger 21C @ Alameda, Laguna Seca, Bixby & Willow Springs Black Arm Development : Nima Karamati Kyle Rose M5: Alex McCulloch (Glen Shelly Auto) Gianni Cabiglio David Schmalz Swiss Motors PRECISION DRIVERS: Alex McCulloch (ZR1) Gianni Cabiglio (720S/488GTB/AVENTADOR/GT4) CZINGER BTS & STILLS : GF Williams (BTS/Stills) CZINGER DEBUT : Rob Russell (DP) Thomas Hubbel (AC) David Schmalz (AUDIO & MIX) Travis Dowell (AD) Donnie McGuire (AD) Parker Jarvie (COMPANY 3) ALAMEDA/WILLOW AERIALS : Aaron M Kahm (AMK FILMS) Grant Gulessarian BIXBY/LAGUNA AERIALS: Matthew Lavin (AEROGRAPHY) CZINGER 21C CAMPAIGN: Jens Sverdrup Hannah Burgess Bonnie Gallanter Directed By Jeremy Heslup | Created By © Valkyr Productions LLC | |

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